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Almost everyone has slipped and fallen at some point in their lives. Often these falls simply result in short-lived embarrassment and you are able to go on with your day as normal. However, in other situations, fall victims can suffer serious injuries that can require extensive treatment and can have a significant effect on their lives.

The experienced personal injury attorneys at The Levin Firm are committed to helping seriously injured slip and fall victims recover for the losses they suffered. Please do not hesitate to call our office today at 215-825-5183 to discuss a possible case.

Slip and falls can cause serious injuries

According to statistics reported by the National Safety Council (NSC), an estimated 8.9 million people in the United States check into emergency rooms each year to seek treatment for injuries sustained in a slip, trip, or fall accident. Some of the most common injuries suffered include the following:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Contusions
  • Lacerations
  • Soft tissue tears
  • Sprains and strains
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Fractured skull
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Nerve damage

As you can imagine, many of these injuries can require extensive and long-term medical treatment and may require hospitalization, surgery, rehabilitative therapy, medications, medical equipment, home health care, residence in an assisted living facility, and more. Some slip and fall victims are never able to fully recover from their injuries and are left with permanent disabilities. Furthermore, approximately 25,000 people die as a result of fall accidents, making falls the second-leading cause of accidental fatalities in the United States.

Even if a fall victim survives, they often must miss work or limit their regular activities as a result of their injuries. Falls can have an especially severe effect on the lives of older adults, as they often suffer broken hips or similar injuries that can result in many complications and challenges. In 2013, more than 700,000 adults age 65 or older required extended hospitalization following a fall and many of these adults were never able to return to independent living.

Negligence can lead to slips, trips, and falls

As you can see, slips, trips, and falls often have a significant effect on a victim’s life. Many victims wonder: who can be held responsible for my fall? At The Levin Firm, our slip and fall attorneys know how to identify when someone else’s negligence resulted in your fall and can help you hold that party liable for injuries.

Business and property owners have the legal responsibility to keep their premises reasonably safe for customers and other types of visitors. This includes regularly inspecting the premises to identify and repair any potentially dangerous conditions that may exist. If a property owner allows a hazard to exist and you slip and fall, that owner should compensate you for any losses you suffered as a result of your injuries. The following are some common examples of negligence that often lead to slip and fall accidents:

  • Objects, furniture, or debris in walkways
  • Liquid spills that are not cleaned up in a timely manner
  • Wet or slippery floors with no proper warning sign
  • Overly worn carpet or tile
  • Uneven flooring surfaces
  • Broken or inadequate handrails
  • Loose or broken stairs
  • Electrical cords that are not secured to the walls
  • Area rugs that easily slip

If a property owner allows any such conditions to exist on the premises and you slip, trip, or fall, you deserve full compensation for all of your losses. Additionally, even if a property owner did not know about the condition, they may be held liable if they should have known through proper inspections.

Holding negligent property owners responsible for their actions

An experienced slip and fall lawyer can investigate the circumstances surrounding your fall and can identify any signs of negligence to determine whether you have a viable legal claim. A legal case gives you the opportunity to adequately recover for the following and more:

  • Medical expenses, including emergency treatment, hospital stays, follow-up and specialist appointments, medical supplies, and more
  • Lost wages and benefits from missed work or a lost job
  • Physical suffering and pain
  • Emotional distress from the effects of your injuries
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Loss of quality of life

The exact value of your case will depend on your specific circumstances and on the nature and severity of your injuries.

An attorney will have the knowledge and resources necessary to gather sufficient evidence to prove your claim in court. Such evidence may involve witness reports, surveillance video, inspection reports by experts, medical records, and much more. While you are focusing on your physical recovery from your injuries, a lawyer at The Levin Firm will be working to make sure you also receive the maximum possible amount of financial recovery.

Contact an experienced Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer for a free consultation today

If you have suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident due to a negligent property owner, you should never delay in calling a qualified personal injury attorney at The Levin Firm in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania law only gives injured victims a limited time to file a legal claim following your injuries, so if you delay a consultation with an attorney, you may risk losing the right to recover at all. These cases can also take time to investigate and prepare to give you the best chance at full compensation, so your first step after seeking proper medical attention should be to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney.

At The Levin Firm, all consultations are always free and we do not collect a fee unless you win your case. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, individualized attention and zealously advocating for the rights of our clients injured in slip and fall accidents.

If you have suffered injuries due to a slip, trip, or fall, please do not hesitate to call our Philadelphia office at 215-825-5183 to find out how we can help you today.

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