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Slip and fall accidents are common occurrences. Most of the time, slip and fall accidents cause embarrassment, and those who fall simply get up, brush themselves off, and go about their day. Unfortunately, sometimes slip and fall accidents lead to severe, sometimes permanent injuries. If you’ve sustained injuries in a Philadelphia slip and fall accident, Pennsylvania law permits you to take legal action if the fall resulted from another party’s negligence.

Severe injuries translate to costly medical treatment and require people to take time away from work to heal. You shouldn’t have to deal with the financial burden of a slip and fall accident when someone else caused it. The skilled Philadelphia slip and fall accident lawyers at The Levin Firm have ample experience advocating for victims of negligence, including those injured in slip and fall accidents.

Why Choose The Levin Firm for Your Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident Claim

 Slip & Fall Accident LawyerThe compassionate and dedicated legal team at The Levin Firm has been serving injured victims of negligence in the Philadelphia area since 2005. Their commitment to professional excellence and seeking justice for their clients has led to the recovery of millions of dollars in damages from settlements and jury verdicts for victims of negligence, including those injured in slip and fall accidents. The Levin Firm has also received national recognition from prestigious organizations like Super Lawyers and maintains an above-average rating.

If you suffered slip and fall accident injuries at a residence, business, or public space in the Philadelphia area, the slip and fall accident attorneys of The Levin Firm can handle the finer details of your case. This frees up your time, so you can focus on recovering from your injuries to the highest level possible. It’s best for you and your family to find some normalcy after your accident and injuries. Our Philadelphia office is conveniently located downtown at Two Penn Center, directly across from Love Park, near the 15th St. Trolley Station.

Contact The Levin Firm today at 215-825-5183 or submit the details of your slip and fall accident online for a free consultation. We can assist you regardless of where the slip and fall accident occurred. We like to meet new clients in person, but injuries and other obligations sometimes make this difficult. If you cannot travel to our Philadelphia office, we can come to you or arrange a convenient virtual consultation to discuss the details of your case.

Compensation in Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident Claims

Those who suffer injuries in a slip and fall accident claim have a legal right to seek compensation from the party responsible for the accident. If you have a viable claim, you could recover the following damages from a settlement or jury verdict in your favor:

  • Medical treatment costs, including ambulance service, emergency treatment, specialized therapy, follow-up doctor visits, surgery, and hospitalization
  • Lost income from missing work due to injuries
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Loss of consortium
  • Scarring and disfigurement

The amount of compensation slip and fall accident victims receive in personal injury claims varies greatly among cases. The severity and scope of injuries, as well as someone’s total economic loss, play a big role in calculating a claim’s value. Those who suffer permanent injuries because of a slip and fall accident typically have high-value claims. If you have a viable claim, your lawyer will review the facts of your case to calculate damages, which sometimes includes calling on various experts.

Common Slip And Fall Accident Injuries

Slip and fall accidents lead to various injuries depending on the situation. Examples of some common injuries someone might suffer in a Philadelphia slip and fall accident include:

  • Fractures. Broken bones are not always grounds for a personal injury claim because simple breaks heal quickly and typically do not have long-term complications. However, complex breaks and multiple fractures from a fall can require surgery and leave victims with lifelong complications.
  • Brain injuries. People hit their heads during many slip and fall accidents, making falls the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). Even the mildest traumatic brain injury can lead to permanent brain damage that comes with issues like trouble with cognition, communication, and emotional regulation.
  • Neck and back injuries. Slip and fall accidents can lead to various injuries along the spinal column, including broken vertebrae, herniated discs, spinal cord injuries, and others that leave people with chronic pain and discomfort.
  • Soft tissue injuries. Sometimes falls damage ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Soft tissue injuries include minor sprains and strains, but they also include torn or detached tissue, often requiring surgery and leaving patients with long-term complications.

Slip and fall accident injuries are especially serious for older adults, who break bones easier than younger people. Additionally, older adults take much longer to heal, creating more challenges. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that one out of four people age 65 and older suffer falls each year. Some of these accidents could be avoided if negligent property owners kept their homes and businesses safe from hazards.

Slip and fall accidents can lead to injuries and losses that significantly affect people’s lives physically, financially, and emotionally. The compassionate Philadelphia slip and fall accident lawyers of The Levin Firm can advise you on the best way to recover damages that provide relief to you and your household.

Most Slip and Fall Accidents Are Preventable

State laws, including Pennsylvania’s laws, require property owners to maintain their buildings, land, and other spaces so they are safe for visitors. In the event owners cannot immediately fix a dangerous situation, they have a legal duty to warn visitors about the hazard. Property owners who do not comply with the law put visitors at risk for accident and injury. The skilled premises liability attorneys at The Levin Firm have the experience to identify when another party’s negligence leads to a slip and fall accident and injuries.

Ultimately, business and property owners need to regularly inspect their buildings and properties to identify and fix any potential hazards. Specific examples of negligence that could lead to dangerous slip and fall accidents and injuries include:

  • Objects, furniture, or debris in driveways, walkways, or storefronts
  • Liquid spills that are not cleaned up in a timely matter
  • Wet or slippery floors without proper warning signs
  • Uneven floor coverings or unsecured area rugs
  • Broken or loose tiles or floorboards
  • Loose or unstretched carpet
  • Loose or broken steps or handrails

These situations usually serve as grounds for a personal injury lawsuit after someone suffers injuries. Even if a property owner did not know about the condition, they could be financially liable for injuries if they should have discovered the hazard through regular inspections. Typically, ignorance of a specific condition or hazard does not serve as a defense.

Sometimes property owners cannot immediately eliminate a slip and fall hazard, so they need to provide a proper warning to visitors. For example, if a business employee mops the floors, it takes some time for them to dry. The business must warn customers about slippery floors, which usually involves placing one or more signs indicating the floors are wet. The failure to warn visitors opens the business up to financial liability if a visitor falls on the slippery floor and sustains injuries.

Each slip and fall accident case is different. If you are unsure whether your accident and injuries occurred because of negligence, it’s best to consult with an experienced premises liability attorney. A team member from The Levin Firm can evaluate your case and determine your eligibility for compensation.

Fighting the Insurance Company After a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident

You might be uncertain about your next steps after sustaining injuries in a slip and fall accident. You need to put your health and well-being first and let a Philadelphia slip and fall accident lawyer handle the details of your claim. This shelters you from the stress of dealing with the insurance company and allows you the time you need to focus on healing.


If we review your case and determine you have a viable slip and fall accident claim, our first step typically involves filing an insurance claim on your behalf. Depending on the location of the slip and fall, your injuries might fall under a business policy or a homeowners insurance policy. Regardless of the type of insurance that applies to your situation, you can be sure the insurance provider will take every measure possible to avoid some and all financial liability.

Once the insurance company receives the claim, they assign an adjuster to review the facts of the case and decide whether to approve the claim. The adjuster will gather evidence, taking special care to find justification to deny or devalue your claim. It’s common for adjusters to take the following actions when dealing with claimants:

Request a Recorded Statement

Insurance adjusters typically request recorded statements from claimants. Sometimes they convey that giving a recorded statement will help your claim. You have no legal obligation to let them record you, and doing so can help the adjuster limit any settlement offer. Insurance representatives comb over recorded statements for justification to challenge your claim for damages, dispute liability, shift blame, or for anything that will help them reduce the value of your claim. Letting your attorney handle communication with the insurance company can protect you from these tactics and prevent the adjuster from using your statements against you.


Talk You Out of Consulting with a Lawyer

Insurance companies prefer claimants who do not have legal representation. They know that lawyers understand the claims process, understand how to apply the law, and make it difficult for them to prey on slip and fall accident victims and other victims of negligence. Additionally, lawyers are all too familiar with the questionable tactics insurance companies use to avoid financial liability for their policyholders.

You can expect an adjuster to tell you your claim is straightforward and you do not need to talk with a lawyer. This claim may or may not be true. It’s always best to consult with an experienced slip and fall accident attorney to let them review your case. Even in straightforward cases, a lawyer can often help clients obtain more compensation for their injuries.

Make a Settlement Offer

Insurance adjusters who know their policyholder is at fault for a slip and fall accident sometimes make early settlement offers. If you accept a settlement offer, you must also sign an agreement that prevents you from seeking more compensation for the same slip and fall accident and injuries. Often, people believe the insurance adjuster made them a reasonable offer. They discover later that the amount was much lower than they deserved for their injuries. An attorney can evaluate the offer and use it as a starting point for negotiations.

Slip and fall accident lawyers also recognize when settlement is not an option, and they need to file a lawsuit on behalf of their client. Filing a lawsuit can motivate the insurance company to make a better offer to avoid an expensive trial and a larger potential payout if a jury rules in your favor.

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Philly Slip & Fall Accident Attorney | Gabriel Levin
Philly Slip & Fall Accident Attorney|Gabriel Levin

If you sustained injuries in a Philadelphia slip and fall accident due to a negligent business or property owner, Pennsylvania law permits you to seek compensation for your losses. The experienced personal injury lawyers at The Levin Firm can help you meet all deadlines so you do not miss the opportunity to recover damages. You should not have to shoulder the financial burden that comes with medical treatment, lost income from work, and other costs related to your slip and fall accident. Reach out to a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer.

Contact The Levin Firm today online or at 215-825-5183 to discuss the details of your Philadelphia slip and fall accident, your injuries, and the way they have impacted your life. We can review the facts of your case and advise you on the best path forward.

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