Slip and Fall at Wawa Convenience Stores & Gas Stations

Lawyer for Slip and Fall at Wawa Convenience Stores & Gas Stations

Wet floors without warning signs can be created when staff members overlook wet feet coming in and out of the facility. Sometimes stores are understaffed, and there is not enough help to get everything done with customers coming in and out. However, at a minimum, business owners are obligated to keep their facilities safe under both Florida and Pennsylvania statutes.

If you have suffered an injury because you slipped and fell at Wawa convenience stores, you should contact a premise liability lawyer at The Levin Firm.

Experience Matters in Slip and Fall Accident Cases

Lawyer for Slip and Fall at Wawa Convenience Stores & Gas Stations We know that dealing with insurance adjusters can be frustrating. At The Levin Firm, we have nearly two decades of experience handling insurers on behalf of our clients.

Some of our recent successes include:

  • $9.5 million – Quadriplegic fall down
  • $3 million – Construction site accident

Our clients know they can count on us to serve as their advocate when they have suffered an injury. While we know that our past success does not always mean we will have the same level of success in the future, insurance company adjusters know we mean business.

Injuries Due to a Slip and Fall Accidents

Every store owner owes the public a duty of care. Under premise liability statutes, facilities must provide ample warning when there is a hazard. Some situations cannot be foreseen—such as another customer dropping a bottle of juice on the floor. However, rainy or snowy weather foreseeably results in a wet floor at a store entrance.

Wawa Convenience Stores must put up warning signs and keep the area as safe as possible.

Some of the injuries someone can face after slip and accidents include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries due to head and neck injuries
  • Multiple broken bones from landing on the floor
  • Injuries from items falling when someone tries to break their fall

You may have to take time off work to recover from your injury, but you should not have to suffer the financial losses associated with your injuries. At The Levin Firm, we will help you hold Wawa Convenience Stores accountable for their negligence.

Is There Potential Compensation After a Slip and Fall at Wawa Convenience Stores?

We know that while you recover from the injuries you suffered in a slip and fall accident, you are concerned about your finances.

Some of the compensation we can seek in a settlement demand include:

  • Compensation for all medical bills as a result of an injury
  • Compensation for lost wages and benefits while recovering
  • Compensation for household help which may be needed while recovering

The Levin Firm will review the particular situation you are facing, and we will help you prepare a demand for settlement based on your unique issues.

Complexities of Dealing With Insurance Company Adjusters

Insurers do not want to pay claims. When Wawa Convenience Stores & Gas stations inform their insurer that someone suffered an injury on their property, the insurance company will leap into action and take whatever steps they can to minimize the amount of the claim. Be sure you do not sign any forms or documents without speaking to a slip and fall accident lawyer at The Levin Firm, or you could jeopardize your legal options.

Contact an Experienced Attorney to Protect Your Rights

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If you have suffered an injury resulting from a slip and fall accident at a Wawa Convenience Store, contact The Levin Firm toll-free at (215) 825-5183 and let us help you get the compensation you deserve for your injury and your losses.

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