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Lawyer for Slip and Fall Accidents at Home Depot

A quick trip to Home Depot can quickly become a disaster when you encounter an unexpected hazard as you move through the aisles or the parking lot. Your visit to Home Depot should provide a safe shopping experience. Unfortunately, the many buckets, chemicals, and items scattered throughout the store can pose substantial slip and fall hazards, especially if the staff does not take the time to clean those hazards quickly.

If you suffer injuries in a slip and fall accident at Home Depot, you may have high medical bills and a considerable fight ahead of you. Often, Home Depot’s lawyers and insurance company will fight aggressively to minimize the compensation the company has to pay out after an accident.

The Levin Firm can help Home Depot slip and fall accident victims fight for the compensation they deserve. Contact us for your free consultation.

The Levin Firm can Help Home Depot Slip and Fall Accident Victims

Lawyer for Slip and Fall Accidents at Home Depot When you suffer serious injuries in a slip and fall accident at Home Depot, you may have a lot of bills that accompany your injuries and many struggles to deal with as you recover. At The Levin Firm, we have one goal: ensuring our clients get fully compensated for all the losses they may have faced due to another party’s negligence.

Zealous Advocation

Home Depot has a dedicated team of lawyers, helping them reduce the potential legal consequences of a devastating accident on the company. You need equally dedicated representation on your side. At The Levin Firm, we aggressively represent every client, providing them with a solid legal team at their backs to fight against the insurance company and recover full compensation for the damages they sustained.

Client-Focused Approach

Slip and falls can cause everything from minor injuries like sprains and strains to more severe injuries like broken bones or even head injuries. Unfortunately, the insurance company may, in many circumstances, get lost in the financial aspects of the claim. The Levin Firm ensures the focus stays on our clients and the damages they have experienced because of their accidents and injuries. Our approach helps provide clients with more comprehensive support as they navigate the difficult legal and medical road to recovery following an accident.

Willingness to Go Before a Jury

At The Levin Firm, our lawyers are prepared to take any case to court to reach a fair resolution. We want our client’s claims to be successful, whatever that means. If we have to go before a jury to reach that resolution, we will confidently stand before a jury to help clients get the compensation they deserve.

If you suffered injuries in a slip and fall at Home Depot, you may deserve more compensation than the company or its insurance provider offers. Contact The Levin Firm today to learn more about what you should expect from your Home Depot slip and fall accident claim and how you can get the compensation you deserve.

How Can Slip and Fall Accidents Occur at Home Depot?

Due to the nature of the store and its wares, Home Depot may house many potential dangers that increase the risk of a slip and fall accident and devastating injury, including:


Home Depot has many items in its inventory that can pose a substantial hazard when spilled on the floor. Industrial chemicals and cleaning supplies, paint, and oil-based wares can all pose a substantial fall hazard if not cleaned up properly and promptly.

Unfortunately, the large size of the store may mean that employees do not promptly attend to potential spills. They may also fail to set up warning signs indicating increased risk after a spill, which may mean visitors do not take appropriate precautions when moving through that area.

Weather-Related Hazards

Home Depot stores often have an outdoor area where customers can check out plants and outdoor decor. Those sections are more open to the elements, meaning additional hazards, like icy or wet walkways, as the weather changes outside.

If Home Depot fails to promptly clean up any spills or take care of any problems in that area of the store, the company may bear liability for any injuries caused by those hazards.

Furthermore, on rainy or icy days, Home Depot employees may need to post signs at the entrance and clean up water tracked into the store to avoid an increased risk of slip and falls.

Compensation for a Home Depot Slip and Fall: What to Expect

When you have serious injuries from a Home Depot slip and fall accident, you likely need compensation to cover the financial cost of damages. The Levin Firm cannot guarantee the compensation you will recover for your injuries. Still, we can help you break down the losses you have faced and calculate a comprehensive claim for your losses.

What medical bills did you face after your accident?

Medical bills usually depend on the severity of the injuries. Slip and falls can result in anywhere from minor to catastrophic injuries, including:

  • Head injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Broken bones, including breaks like broken hips in elderly individuals
  • Sprains and strains
  • Contusions

Those falls often result from negligence on the part of the store and its employees, who may need to exercise a high standard of care to reduce accident risk among customers.

Medical bills can mean a substantial struggle after a Home Depot slip and fall. Talk to your lawyer about what medical bills you faced: the cost of emergency treatment, the cost of hospitalization, and, if relevant, the cost of any therapy needed to treat your injuries. Your lawyer can then provide you with more information about your next steps.

Did you have to miss work because of your Home Depot slip and fall?

Missing work can cause financial challenges for many individuals, especially those without adequate PTO to cover their time away from work. If you had to miss work because of your accident, talk to your lawyer about any income losses you faced, including everything from the missed time right after your accident to limited hours at work when you finally returned. You should also discuss any PTO you used to cover time off for your recovery.

What suffering did you face from your Home Depot slip and fall accident?

Slip and fall injuries can, in many cases, cause immense suffering. Not only do you have the physical pain of your injuries to consider, but your injuries may also cause many other losses, including losing your independence.

You may miss out on your favorite hobbies or activities you have looked forward to before your accident. Talk to your lawyer about your overall suffering and loss of quality of life and how you can pursue compensation for it.

After a Home Depot Slip and Fall: Your Next Steps

Following a Home Depot slip and fall, you should take careful action to protect your right to compensation.

  • Contact a lawyer as soon as possible. At The Levin Firm, we help guide our clients through every step of the claim process, increasing the odds that they will recover the full compensation they deserve.
  • Avoid speaking to the insurance company. Your lawyer can guide those interactions or take them over to help maximize the compensation you can recover.
  • Keep track of any bills and financial losses related to your slip and fall accident, from your medical bills to your lost wages. Ensure you include any co-pays or deductible amounts you pay.
  • Follow your care provider’s instructions carefully. Failure to follow those instructions may limit your recovery and the compensation you can recover for your injuries.
  • Document your other losses. You should keep a journal that discusses your recovery, the challenges you face, and your emotions.

At The Levin Firm, we provide comprehensive support for our clients, including legal advice that can make navigating Home Depot slip and fall claims easier.

Damaged Flooring

Home Depot floors experience significant wear and tear from heavy carts traveling across them daily, causing damage. When the store fails to take care of those damages promptly, the store may bear liability for any accident caused by damaged flooring.

Crowded or Cluttered Aisles

Home Depot generally keeps its items organized on shelves. However, many items may end up scattered in the aisle during seasonal displays or heavy shopping periods. Items in the aisles may pose a trip hazard that can significantly increase the risk of harm to visitors as they try to navigate.

Employee Injuries

Working at Home Depot may pose a unique set of potential dangers. In many cases, employees need to climb ladders to get items down for customers, who may not be able to get those items for themselves. An employee injured at work may have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim for compensation for a percentage of their income and coverage for medical bills.


How long do I have to file a slip and fall accident claim against Home Depot?

If you suffer injuries in a slip and fall accident at Home Depot, you must file a claim before the statute of limitations expires. The statute of limitations is a law that dictates how long a victim has to file a lawsuit following their injury.

These limitations vary by state; for example, you may have up to four years to file an injury claim in Florida. Your lawyer may also identify exceptions to the statute of limitations in rare cases that can give you more time to file your claim.

What should I do if Home Depot offers me a settlement?

If you get a settlement offer from Home Depot after your slip and fall accident, you should consult a lawyer before accepting. At The Levin Firm, we aim to help our clients identify all the losses suffered from a slip and fall, including financial and non-financial losses.

Our lawyers can help determine whether you have received a settlement offer that reasonably reflects those damages or if you need to continue negotiations. Do not accept a settlement offer that does not fit your needs. Instead, talk to a slip and fall accident lawyer first.

I left Home Depot after my accident without reporting it. Can I still file a slip and fall accident claim?

You can file a slip and fall accident claim any time you suffer injuries due to another party’s negligence, even if you did not immediately report your accident to Home Depot. However, it may be difficult to establish exactly where and when the accident occurred and how your injuries occurred if you do not report it. Contact The Levin Firm to discuss how to proceed and compile a strong injury claim.

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