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Tractor Trailer Accidents

Our injury attorneys understand that representing tractor trailer and truck accident victims requires particular types of skills and knowledge. The PA and NJ accident lawyers at The Levin Firm, fight to recover the many types of damages and compensation our clients are entitled to, including medical expenses, hospital bills, rehabilitations expenses, lost earnings, future wage losses, lost earning capacity, physical disabilities, scars, loss of a limb, brain and head injuries, emotional distress, depression, anxiety, grief, and pain and suffering. The Philadelphia tractor trailer and truck accident lawyers at The Levin Firm understand these issues, and work with our clients, their friends and family, as well as their doctors, psychologists, long-term care planners, and others – to assure that our clients receive not only the finest legal representation, but also the finest support and medical care.

Every day, companies across the United States, and across the world, rely on tractor trailers to get their products where they need to go. However, these large, heavy trucks have the potential to cause very serious injuries when they are involved in accidents on the roadways. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, 385,000 large trucks were involved in traffic accidents in 2006. As a result of these crashes, 106,000 people were injured and 4,995 were killed. Of those injured in accidents involving large trucks, only 22% were occupants of the truck; 76% were occupants of another vehicle and 2% were nonoccupants (i.e. pedestrians). Of those killed, only 16% were truck occupants, 75% occupants of another vehicle, and 8% nonoccupants.

Someone involved in an accident with a tractor trailer is twice as likely to be killed than if the crash had been between passenger vehicles. Because of the large size and heavy weight of the vehicle involved, tractor trailer accidents are usually very serious – often including life-threatening injuries and death – and there are numerous legal issues surrounding them.

Representing tractor trailer accident victims requires a team of aggressive investigators and lawyers all devoting their maximum effort to their clients. At The Levin Firm, our Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury attorneys investigate every claim so that we may aggressively and zealously represent our clients and obtain the best possible results.

When you need a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or New Jersey personal injury attorney to represent you, a family member or friend who has suffered a tractor trailer accident injury, contact The Levin Firm, who represent every client zealously in order to obtain the best results possible in each case.

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