Failure to Diagnose Bladder and Urological Cancers

Failure to Diagnose Bladder and Urological Cancers

A bladder or urological cancer diagnosis is often physically and emotionally devastating. When a physician fails to diagnose your disease promptly, the delay allows your condition to worsen and spread. Unfortunately, this happens too frequently. The American Cancer Society (ACS) estimates that during 2020 alone, 13,050 men and 4,930 women will die from bladder cancer. The ACS has no available statistics on failure to diagnose these cancerous conditions.

Medical professionals don’t always fail to listen to their patients’ complaints and don’t always delay testing, produce faulty results, delay treatment, or commit other negligent acts. When medical professionals fail in their duties, however, they give cancer time to grow, which may diminish a patient’s quality of life. A delayed cancer diagnosis may cause a person’s body to endure more pain and more physical deterioration. When a doctor doesn’t detect cancer and intervene promptly, patients may even lose their lives.

We Fight for Victims of Professional Medical Negligence

At The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers, our attorneys work hard to recover compensation for our injured clients. Since 2005, this has been our law firm’s primary goal. We provide high-quality legal services because we believe that injured victims deserve quality representation.

Our clients’ struggles with cancer are difficult enough. Sick individuals should never feel forced to deal with a failed diagnosis and treatment delays. We understand that, in most cases, health care providers don’t intentionally harm their sick patients, but we also realize that medical professionals are capable of error, just like any other human. We also recognize that our clients put their lives into healthcare professionals’ hands. Patients accept their doctors’ protocols and trust their advice, because patients hold providers to a high professional standard.

In past cases, we’ve seen how negligent physicians caused additional harm to patients who were already hurting. We’ve seen how a simple diagnostic mistake affected their lives, their families, and their peace of mind. We know that we can’t change what has happened to our clients. We fight hard to recover damages on their behalf because we know how financial resources will help our clients live better lives.

Our Law Firm’s Results

Our attorneys have always negotiated aggressively, but we’ve never believed in quick settlements that don’t provide fair compensation. We work to resolve our clients’ cases by evaluating the available evidence and working to produce the most favorable outcomes possible.

We negotiate settlements when we believe that we can reach a fair agreement. In past cases, we have participated in mediation, a cooperative process involving insurers, defense attorneys, and a neutral mediator. We have also worked through arbitration and court-arranged settlement conferences.

Our attorneys also recognize when a trial is the best option in a particular situation. That’s why we always prepare our cases for litigation. We rely on a strong presentation of evidence and on the confidence that we’ve gained over years of trial experience. We present strong cases to the court and allow the judge and jury to make the right decision.

Each malpractice case is unique. We cannot promise a specific result, but we invite you to visit our Client Testimonials Page to learn more about our client outcomes.