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Recent laws passed by Congress give victims of Camp Lejeune water contamination from 1953 to 1987 the right to pursue damages against the government if they suffered any injury or illness from exposure while living or working on the military base.

For over 30 years, the water used by residents and workers in and around the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune contained dangerous compounds, chemicals and substances that are now known to potentially result in various illnesses to those exposed over some time. Victims that lived and worked on the base could sustain potential exposure to harmful substances throughout their time at the base, putting them at risk of life-threatening medical conditions and illnesses.

As a victim suffering an injury or illness you believe was because of your time at Camp Lejeune, The Levin Firm can evaluate your claim to determine if you may file a Camp Lejeune lawsuit for your damages and losses.

If You Are a Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Victim, Call The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers

camp lejeune water contamination lawsuitThe victims and families of the victims of the Camp Lejeune water contamination have suffered enough. For years and decades, victims have dealt with the consequences of water contamination on their health. Many faced mounting medical expenses and debts, and some have lost their lives. We want to help you get the compensation you deserve by fighting for your rights under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act.

Prior attempts by the government to provide some benefits to the victims of this catastrophe have proven chaotic and disastrous, with many victims and families denied VA benefits in the past. The time you have to file a legal claim is not indefinite. The statute implements time restrictions, and we want to help you get things right from the outset. Contact our team to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss the injuries or illnesses you have suffered as well as how we can help you seek compensation for your losses through the court. We can also help you determine how long your Camp Lejeune claim will Take.

At The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers, we have decades of experience helping aggrieved victims seek compensation for the harm they suffered at the hands of others. We are available to take your call (215) 825-5183, and a member of our team will discuss the details regarding any illness or condition you may have developed due to exposure to Camp Lejeune’s water contamination.

Possible Compensation in a Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Case

For many years the only avenue of help available to victims of the contamination at Camp Lejeune was for victims to seek reimbursement of their medical costs and care through an application for VA benefits. Unfortunately, the process was complex and inconsistent, leading to many claim denials and frustration and disappointment for the victims seeking help for the costs associated with their medical conditions and illness.

Under the newly passed Camp Lejeune Justice Act, individuals that suffered harm due to the Camp Lejeune water contamination can pursue damages from the government for their losses. However, unlike the prior remedy available to victims of only medical cost payments, victims can now pursue their total damages following an illness from contaminated water exposure.

Damages Available to Victims of Water Contamination in Camp Lejeune

The types of damages available for victims to claim as part of a lawsuit for the events at Camp Lejeune include economic and non-economic losses.

Victims are no longer restricted to seeking only medical losses and can pursue the full extent of their damages sustained due to their Camp Lejeune-related illness.

  • Medical costs. The conditions that could occur because of exposure to the contaminated water at Camp Lejeune are serious, and many involve extensive treatment and care. As part of your legal claim for damages, you can seek compensation for all past medical care, current care and future medical expenses you are likely to incur because of your illness.
  • Loss of income. If your illness left you unable to work or resulted in a permanent disability restricting your ability to work, you can seek recovery of your income losses for missed wages and income in the past as well as impacts on future earnings.
  • Pain and suffering. Many of the people that developed conditions arising from the Camp Lejeune water contamination have dealt with the effects for years and could continue to feel effects for the remainder of their life depending on the condition that occurred. As part of your lawsuit, you can seek compensation for the physical suffering and pain as well as the emotional and mental distress an illness has caused in your life.
  • Wrongful death. Sadly, many victims that developed a disease or condition from the water contamination at Camp Lejeune may have already lost their lives to the illness. In these cases, certain family members may have the standing to file a legal action for damages, including funeral and burial expenses and other wrongful death-related damages from the Camp Lejeune water contamination.

How Did the Water Contamination in Camp Lejeune Happen?

The water contamination at Camp Lejeune occurred over a period of 34 years, from 1953 to 1987. Throughout this time, multiple sources caused dangerous substances and chemicals to breach the water supply at multiple water plants serving the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Through seepage into the groundwater and improper disposal of hazardous materials, the contaminants included compounds such as PCE and TCE.

The substances made its way into the water and were part of the daily life for the inhabitants of the area, visitors and those working on the base which included military service people, their families and civilians. Some of the known sources identified as culprits of the contamination included dry cleaning services, on-base storage facilities, industrial spills, waste disposal companies, and the activities on the base itself using solvents for cleaning.

Statute of Limitations for Camp Lejeune Claims

Any victim or victim’s family intending to seek compensation for their losses relating to Camp Lejeune must do so quickly. The Camp Lejeune Justice Act specifies that a victim has only two years from the date the government enacts the law to take advantage of the opportunity to pursue a Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit.

The president signed the bill into law on August 10, 2022, giving victims only until August 10, 2024. Due to the nature of a Camp Lejeune water contamination claim and the length of time that has passed since the exposure to the contamination and, in many cases, the onset of the illness, much research and preparation is necessary for these cases.

If you believe you have suffered harm because of the Camp Lejeune water contamination, Contact a Camp Lejeune water contamination lawyer as soon as possible for a free consultation.

Types of Illnesses Associated with the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

The threats to the physical health of those living and working on the base during the contamination period were high. Those who lived and worked at Camp Lejeune were at risk of coming in contact with contaminated water every time they drank, bathed or used it in their daily lives.

The victims affected were not just adults but children living on base and even babies in the womb. Birth defects, cancer, neurological disorders and other life-threatening illnesses are potential consequences of human exposure to substances such as PCE and TCE, both of which were in the water at Camp Lejeune.

Illnesses that could develop from the Camp Lejeune water contamination include:

  • Kidney cancer
  • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
  • Leukemia in adults
  • Bladder Cancer
  • Aplastic anemia
  • Miscarriage
  • Liver cancer
  • Multiple Myeloma
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Renal disease
  • Breast cancer
  • Birth defects
  • Esophageal cancer
  • Scleroderma
  • Neurobehavioral conditions
  • Infertility in women

Suing the U.S. Government for Your Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Damages

The delay in action allowed many decades to pass before action to stop the contamination problem occurred and many more decades before any meaningful remedies were allowable for victims to pursue. With the passing of the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, surviving victims of the longstanding contamination problems at Camp Lejeune or the family of victims that lost their lives have an opportunity to sue the U.S. government for the harm caused.

Under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act, an individual or family seeking to pursue a claim against the government must meet specific minimum qualifications to proceed with their case.

Under the act, a victim or the family on behalf of a victim may be eligible to claim damages if:

  • That they worked, lived or were otherwise exposed at the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune during the period of water contamination for at least 30 days, from August 1, 1953, to December 31, 1983.
  • And the victim suffered an illness or medical condition linked to the water contamination.

Can You Sue If You Received VA Payments Related to the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination?

Many victims desperate for any help after suffering an illness due to the water contamination may have filed for benefits under prior laws allowing certain individuals to seek compensation for their medical costs from the water contamination from the VA. For example, if you received VA reimbursements for your medical expenses or filed a claim with the VA but received a denial, you may still be eligible to seek damages through a lawsuit for your losses.

What You Should Do If You Believe You or a Family Member Are a Victim of the Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

Suing the U.S. government for harm arising from the Camp Lejeune water contamination is no easy task. While the government has passed a law allowing victims the opportunity to pursue their damages, it does not mean they will simply accept your Camp Lejeune water contamination claim and the amount of losses. If you believe you were a victim of the water contamination problem in Camp Lejeune, there are some steps you can take as you prepare to meet with a Camp Lejeune water contamination attorney to discuss what legal options are available to you.

Collect Your Medical Records

Decades have passed since the inception of the contamination in the water at Camp Lejeune and a resolution for the contaminated water problem was implemented. It is likely that many of the victims have been suffering from illnesses over a wide span of many years.

If you or a loved one believe your illness occurred because of the exposure, you must collect all medical records in your possession or accessible to you that will delineate your condition and timeline of the development of symptoms and treatment.

Gather Evidence of Your Time at Camp Lejeune

Proving your illness is only part of the requirements under the Camp Lejeune Justice Act. Victims must also prove they met the minimum timeframe present working or living within the military base. You can collect any paperwork or evidence that you have in your possession showing the time you spent at the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune between August 1, 1953, and December 31, 1987.

Even an individual that was in the womb when their mother might have had exposure to the contaminated water during this time and later was born with birth defects may have a Camp Lejeune water contamination Claim for damages against the government.

Act Quickly and Call a Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Lawyer

The window of time you have to file a Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit for damages resulting from exposure to contaminated water in Camp Lejeune is short. The statute specifies that claimants have only two years from the date of passage of the law to initiate legal action against the government related to the Camp Lejeune water contamination losses. You must call (215) 825-5183 to speak to an Camp Lejeune water contamination attorney as soon as possible to discuss your case and eligibility.

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