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Construction sites can be very dangerous places; slip and fall accidents are common injuries on construction sites. The lawyers at the Philadelphia, PA law firm of The Levin Firm understand that construction site accidents have the potential to result in very serious head injuries, neck injuries, back injuries or even death. Our attorneys know that most construction site slip and fall accidents could be prevented by the imposition of safety measures and practices. You have a right to recover for all your injuries against the parties that did not take appropriate measures to ensure your safety.

There are a number of hazards that make construction sites particularly prone to falls. Workers are often required to work many stories above the ground on thin boards or scaffolding with no protection from falling over the edge. Deep holes may be left uncovered and without warning signs nearby. The conditions which lead to construction site slip and falls often could have and should have, been prevented. You can recover for your injuries against any party who was responsible for inspecting the premises and correcting any dangers, but who failed to do so.

What Kind Of Compensation Can I Receive?

The purpose of the civil law system is to make you “whole”—that is, to return you to the position you would be in had you never suffered your injury. With respect to a slip and fall, you can receive money to compensate you for out-of-pocket expenses related to your injuries as well as for non-economic harms. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to receive the following:

  • Medical expenses, including the cost of doctor’s treatment, hospital stays, prescription drugs, and anything necessary to your physical health, such as a wheelchair or crutches.
  • Future medical expenses, if you need medical care into the future.
  • Rehabilitation costs.
  • Therapy expenses, if you need counseling to help you recover emotionally from your fall.
  • Lost wages while you are recovering from your injury.
  • Lost future wages, if you are not able to return to the same job.
  • Pain and suffering. Money is probably a poor substitute for living a pain free life, but it is the best that the legal system can offer.
  • Loss of consortium. This refers to negative changes to your relationship with your spouse, who can bring a lawsuit and receive compensation for the loss of intimacy, care, and guidance.

Not every injured victim will qualify for all of these damages. And the amount you qualify for will ultimately depend on the severity of the injury, with more severe injuries (like paralysis or serious disfigurement) qualifying for a higher payout. However, only a personal injury attorney can evaluate your case and identify what compensation is available, so don’t assume your injuries are to minor to warrant a lawsuit. Instead, schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Collecting Evidence

It is important to contact an attorney right away if you have slipped or tripped on the job. Your employer might quickly fix the hazard or put up warning signs after you are injured in an attempt to look like they weren’t negligent. Our team at The Levin Firm will collect evidence as soon as possible, so don’t delay reaching out to us.

The nature of a construction site is that it is constantly changing, and it is important that the site is investigated, observed and photographed in the same condition that it was in when you were injured. Property owners may try to fix the dangerous condition or cover it up, or it may be eliminated on its own as part of the original construction plans. That’s why you need an attorney who will work quickly and efficiently to ensure that you have the strongest case possible so that you can fully recover for your injuries.

You can also begin collecting evidence that will help your case. For example, you should sit down immediately and write down what you remember about the accident. Consider the following:

  • Did anyone warn you of the hazard? For example, were signs put up telling you to avoid certain areas or to watch out for dangers?
  • Did you see the hazard before you slipped and fell or were you completely surprised?
  • Did anyone warn you verbally about the dangers on the jobsite? If so, who was it?
  • Did a coworker slip and fall or become otherwise injured on the jobsite? Identify them and describe their injury as best you can.
  • Did anyone witness you slip and fall?
  • Did your boss say anything after you fell, such as, “We really should have kept people out of that area” or anything else that admits guilt?

In addition to your own memories, you’ll also need to hold onto all correspondence from you and management. Keep copies of all letters, emails, phone messages, and text messages since they might contain helpful information.

Documenting Your Medical Treatment

As explained above, you can receive compensation to pay for your medical bills, but you’ll need to establish how much you have paid out of pocket. Keep all hospital bills, doctor bills, and bills from your insurer, as well as any receipts for drugs or medical equipment that you buy. Because you might be in a lot of pain immediately after the injury, it’s okay to just throw everything into a big folder or desk drawer. When you are feeling better, you can put the paperwork in some kind of order or even scan the documents so that you have a digital copy.

If you are in pain, carefully document it as carefully as possible. Hold onto all prescription drug bottles and keep a daily log in which you identify how much pain you are feeling that day. Note any activities that you can no longer do because of your pain (such as throw a baseball with your daughter or visit your parents). Also, carefully document whether your pain interferes with your sleep schedule and how it impacts your mood.

Representing clients who were injured in construction site accidents requires a team of aggressive investigators and lawyers all devoting their maximum effort to their clients. At The Levin Firm, our Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury attorneys work together with a team of investigators and support staff to investigate every claim so that we may aggressively and zealously represent our clients and obtain the best possible results.

The Workers’ Compensation Exception

Unfortunately, not every worker can sue for workplace injuries, especially when they are employees who are injured on the job. Pennsylvania has adopted a workers’ compensation scheme that requires employers to purchase no-fault workers’ compensation insurance to cover injured employees.

The benefit of this system is that you don’t need to prove that your employer was at fault for your injuries. In return, you get quick benefits that will pay all necessary medical care and can provide a partial replacement of your lost wages.

However, there is a drawback to workers’ compensation benefits: you give up your right to sue your employer. As a result, not every employee who slips and falls on the job can sue—regardless of how injured they are. In fact, workers’ compensation benefits are fairly skimpy, so you might be struggling to replace lost income and provide for your family while you recover.

At The Levin Firm, our lawyers will carefully review the circumstances surrounding the accident to identify whether you can bring an lawsuit and against whom. For example, you might be able to sue in the following situations:

  • You are an independent contractor
  • A third party is responsible for the fall, including vendors, customers, or property owners
  • You were injured by a defective product

In these situations, you might be able to sue them for additional compensation above and beyond what you get in workers’ compensation benefits, including damages for pain and suffering.

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