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A construction site can be a very dangerous place. A construction job accident is one of the most serious types of personal injuries that someone can suffer and may leave you in considerable pain and unable to work. With medical bills mounting and unpaid bills at home, you need financial compensation to provide for your family. Fortunately, the Philadelphia construction accident lawyers at The Levin Firm are prepared to help hold any third parties accountable for your injuries.

At The Levin Firm, we are experienced in all types of construction site accidents, including:

Catastrophic Injuries On Construction Sites

Given the heavy equipment and dangerous conditions on construction sites, it isn’t surprising that many workers suffer catastrophic injuries that leave them unable to return to their old jobs. Some of the more common injuries sustained in construction accidents include:

  • Other traumatic brain injuries
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Disfigurement, such as losing a limb

Injured workers face the prospect of months of intense medical treatment—and some might still not recover. If you’ve suffered a spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury, for example, then you might need permanent medical treatment due to paralysis. If the injury affects your loved one’s ability to think and speak, then they will need permanent care which can cost several million dollars over their lifetime.

In some cases, a construction site accident might be so serious that your loved one will die—depriving their survivors of the love, support, and income they had been planning on. Fortunately, Pennsylvania law allows you to receive compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Dangerous Worksites

The construction job accident lawyers at the Philadelphia, PA, personal injury law firm of The Levin Firm understand how dangerous constructions sites can be. A short list of the hazards you might face include:

  • holes in the ground,
  • uneven surfaces,
  • tall buildings,
  • the possibility of falling objects,
  • scattered nails,
  • objects on the ground,
  • inadequate security and
  • heavy equipment

Any of these hazards can injury construction workers—and many of these hazards are avoidable. If someone, like a general contractor, could have made the jobsite safer but didn’t, you might be able to hold them financially responsible for your injuries.

Our personal injury attorneys believe these conditions create a strong possibility for a construction site accident to occur to both construction job workers and to unsuspecting passers-by. A construction site accident can often result in very serious injury or even death. Most of these accidents could be prevented by the imposition of safety measures and practices. You have a right to recover for all of your injuries against the parties that did not take appropriate measures to ensure your safety.

Compensation Is Available

Workers’ compensation benefits are helpful, but they won’t replace all of your lost income. You can typically only get two-thirds of your income replaced by workers’ compensation, and your family will probably need much more than that. Even worse, workers’ compensation benefits will eventually run out—well before you are prepared to re-enter the workforce to find another good-paying job.

Fortunately, if you can sue a third party for your injuries, you might be able to receive compensation for the following economic losses:

  • All medical expenses: hospital stays, doctor’s visits, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, equipment (such as wheelchairs)
  • Rehabilitation expenses, including physical therapy, vocational therapy, and speech therapy
  • Lost wages while you are recovering from your injuries above and beyond what workers’ compensation will give you

Some of your injuries, however, cannot be easily measured in dollars and cents. These intangible injuries can still be worth tens of thousands of dollars—or even more. They include:

  • Your capacity to earn future wages, if you’ve been so injured that you can’t return to your current job or any job
  • Physical pain and suffering as a result of your injury
  • Emotional pain caused by the injury
  • Changes to your marriage, such as a loss of physical intimacy

Although you can’t measure non-economic damages in dollars, you are still entitled to receive compensation for them. The construction lawyers at The Levin Firm will help analyze your situation and determine what amount of compensation you might be entitled to.

Protect Your Legal Rights Today

It is important to contact an attorney right away if you have been injured at a construction site. The nature of a construction site is that it is constantly changing, and it is important that the site is investigated, observed and photographed in the same condition that it was in when you were injured. Property owners may try to fix the dangerous condition or cover it up, or it may be eliminated on its own as part of the original construction plans. That’s why you need an attorney who will work quickly and efficiently to ensure that you have the strongest case possible so that you can fully recover for your injuries.

Representing clients who were injured in construction site accidents requires a team of aggressive investigators and lawyers all devoting their maximum effort to their clients. At The Levin Firm, our Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury attorneys work together with a team of investigators and support staff to investigate every claim so that we may aggressively and zealously represent our clients and obtain the best possible results.

Build A Strong Case

Lawsuits revolve around evidence, and the experienced construction accident lawyers at The Levin Firm are skilled at thoroughly document the circumstance surrounding the accident. Our aggressive investigators will visit the jobsite to document the hazard that caused your accident. They’ll collect all relevant information, such as:

  • Witness statements
  • Photographs of the hazard or dangerous condition
  • Medical records
  • Proof of safety violations at the jobsite

Some accidents will require the help of expert witnesses to reconstruct what happened or to testify as to whether any safety lapse was unreasonable. Expert witnesses might be engineers, former contractors, or safety experts. The best experts have sterling academic credentials but also an ability to explain complicated information to a lay audience using simple and clear language. At The Levin Firm, we know how to find and properly vet an expert so that the judge will approve them to testify on your behalf.

There’s also no more important witness to the accident than yourself. You can testify at trial, but you should also carefully document your own memories of the accident soon after it happens. Write down what you remember and keep detailed notes about how the injury has affected your life. For example, you might not be able to pursue hobbies or sleep well at night because of the pain. This information can help you obtain non-economic damages for pain and suffering or changes in your marital relationship, and you should begin documenting these changes right away.

Don’t Delay

Accident victims have a limited amount of time to bring a lawsuit to hold someone responsible for their construction site accident. In particular, you have only 2 years from the date of the accident to file a lawsuit, otherwise, you are outside the “statute of limitations” period. If you wait too long, a judge will dismiss your case and you will end up with no compensation even though you are completely blameless for your injury. Contact an experienced Philadelphia construction accident lawyer today to protect your legal rights.