What to Expect From a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

What to Expect From a Motorcycle Accident Attorney
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As a biker, you like being out on the road where you can feel a sense of freedom you can’t get anywhere else. An attorney’s office is probably one of the last places you want to spend your time.

If someone crashed into your ride and injured you, however, an attorney’s office is usually an essential stop. An attorney’s job is to get you the money you need and deserve from anyone whose careless, reckless, or intentional actions caused you harm.

Still, the idea of talking to a lawyer might make you uncomfortable, and that’s ok. Below we explain what you should expect from a motorcycle accident lawyer, and how to make sure you hire a lawyer who knows how to get you results. To learn more about your legal rights after a motorcycle wreck, contact an attorney who represents injured bikes like you for a free consultation.

Yes, You Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Injured bikers sometimes wonder: do I really need a lawyer? The short answer is yes, you do. A lawyer’s job is to protect your rights and get you paid. You need someone like that on your side after an accident, because chances are, you’ll have your hands full with the difficult task of recovering from your injuries. While you recover, a lawyer can investigate your accident, target the parties at fault, prepare a lawsuit, negotiate with insurance companies and defense lawyers to get you the money you deserve, and go to court on your behalf.

Just any lawyer won’t do, either. Make sure to find a lawyer who represents bikers in accident cases and understands both the risks they face on the road, and the disrespect car and truck drivers sometimes show them. People who do not ride sometimes think a biker is just asking for injuries in an accident. You need a lawyer on your side who knows that’s nonsense, and that you have every right to demand compensation when someone else’s careless, reckless, or intentional actions leave you in bad shape.

Do not wait to talk to a lawyer. It’s the first step in recovering the money you deserve. Even if you aren’t sure whether you have a legal claim, talk to a lawyer today. There’s no charge, and if you do have a case, there is no time like right now to get started on protecting your legal and financial rights.

Plus, by acting quickly, you give a lawyer the best shot at building the strongest possible case for you. As time passes, important evidence can disappear and witnesses' memories can start to fade. Do not risk losing out on your rights by delaying a meeting with a lawyer who represents motorcycle accident victims like you. You have nothing to lose and, potentially, a lot to gain.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Arrange Flexible Consultations.

Can’t get to a lawyer’s office? That should never be a problem. You can always spot an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer by whether he will meet with you on your terms, whether that means coming to your hospital room, your home, your workplace on your lunch break, or even meeting with you virtually on Zoom, Skype, or another video service.

Remember, That First Meeting Is Free.

Your initial consultation with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, wherever it happens, should never cost you a penny. It’s an introductory secession. You tell the attorney about your accident and injuries. The attorney explains your basic legal options for recovering your damages. You don’t even have to commit to moving forward with an accident claim or with that particular attorney. It’s your choice, and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

A Motorcycle Accident Attorney Wants to Establish a Relationship of Mutual Trust.

Mutual trust lies at the heart of any successful client/attorney relationship. An attorney who agrees to handle your motorcycle accident injury claim commits to representing your, and only your, interests. He becomes your spokesman, your advocate, and your protector.

Of course, attorneys understand that, sometimes, it’s difficult for a newly-injured client to trust anyone with that kind of role. So, look for an attorney who appears willing to do the work to earn your trust; who knows trust doesn’t happen overnight, but instead gets built by the attorney demonstrating he has your back, and will go the extra mile to get you results.

The Initial Meeting Is Primarily an Information Exchange.

The first time you discuss your motorcycle accident with a motorcycle accident attorney, it’s basically a Q&A for both of you. Before an attorney decides if his law firm can help you, he needs to ask you questions, some of which might not seem obvious or important to you.

Be honest, clear, and straightforward in your answers, and expect the attorney to do the same. That way, you can be sure the attorney has the information he needs to give you a first assessment of whether you have a case.

You Should Ask Questions Too.

Of course, you get to ask questions too, and you should. As we said, an attorney-client relationship works when there is mutual trust. Feel free to ask the lawyer questions and expect clear answers you can understand.

You might want to ask questions like:

  • Will you be the one handling my case?
  • If I have questions, how can I get in touch with you?
  • What do you think of my case?
  • Are you the right lawyer to handle it?

Ask and ask and ask. Lawyers are in the service business. Insist on a motorcycle accident injury lawyer who seems ready and willing to serve you.

You Have No Obligation to Hire the First Attorney You Meet.

It’s up to you who to hire as your motorcycle accident lawyer. No one can force you into an attorney-client relationship. The lawyer you choose will be involved in the intimate details of your life for the foreseeable future, so take your time and pick the one you can imagine working with for a while. Never feel pressured to say “yes” to a lawyer you are not sure about.

You Should Not Have to Pay Your Lawyer up Front, by the Hour, or as You Go.

Reputable motorcycle accident injury lawyers represent their clients on a contingent fee basis. That means they do their work in exchange for a percentage of the money they secure on their client’s behalf. They do not bill by-the-hour, and you pay them nothing up-front or as the case moves along. The lawyer gets paid only if he delivers results for you.

Any lawyer who offers to take your case, but wants to charge you by the hour or task, or wants a retainer for his services, is not the lawyer for you. (The only exception to this is if you and the lawyer agree that you will pay expenses of the case - see below.)

You Should Understand How Your Lawyer Gets Paid, and Have It in Writing.

Skilled, experienced attorneys who represent motorcycle accident victims make sure their clients understand exactly how the lawyer gets paid. The lawyer will lay out the terms of the agreement between him and the client in writing, in language that the client can easily understand. It will usually explain the percentage of any money recovered the lawyer gets to keep as a fee, and how the lawyer and client agree to handle the running expenses of the case, like filing fees and travel costs. Nothing should feel unclear or uncertain for the client.

Prepare for Your Attorney to Have Lots of Questions and Requests for Information.

Once you establish a formal relationship, your attorney will usually want to know a lot more about your accident and your injuries. He will also probably want to collect evidence from you and others to help him understand exactly how your motorcycle accident happened, and whose dangerous decisions and actions contributed to it.

Some of the attorney’s questions or requests might come across as random or maybe even a little strange, but here is where you need to take a leap of faith and trust that your lawyer knows what he is doing. If you have chosen a skilled, experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer to represent you, then every question and request has an important purpose.

Try your best to provide honest complete answers, and do what you can to help your lawyer collect any evidence he thinks might help your case.

Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Should Give You a Clear Sense of the Path Forward...

The trust between a lawyer and client relies on good communication, and that starts with the client having a clear understanding of what the lawyer considers the best path to a successful outcome.

After the initial phase of collecting and analyzing information, a skilled motorcycle accident injury lawyer will usually assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and come up with a legal strategy for getting you the compensation you deserve. Then, your lawyer should explain that plan to you in clear language you understand. The lawyer should also take the time to answer any questions you may have about the path forward.

And Provide You With Regular Updates.

Once your case has started rolling, the attorney should also provide you with regular updates about its progress. Sometimes, cases have bursts of activity followed by long stretches of inactivity. Even during the lulls, however, you can expect an experienced motorcycle accident injury lawyer to check in with you periodically, just to let you know where things stand.

Your Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney Should Communicate Clearly About Any Settlement Offers.

Most motorcycle accident injury cases settle out-of-court. A settlement is an agreement between the injured person (you) and any party at-fault for the injuries. In a typical settlement, the party at fault pays money to the injured person, and in return, the injured person terminates any lawsuit that has been filed and releases the at-fault party from further liability.

Skilled motorcycle accident injury lawyers negotiate settlements all the time. They know how to prepare for negotiations, and how to present their clients’ cases in a manner that convinces defense lawyers and insurance companies to make top-dollar settlement offers.

Sometimes, however, it takes some back-and-forth before the other side’s best offer surfaces. A skilled attorney will tell the motorcycle accident victim about every offer he receives from the other side, and will give the client straightforward and practical advice about whether to take the offer or to hold out for more. In the end, however, the decision to settle belongs to the client, not the lawyer.

Your Lawyer Should Have the Skill and Know-How to Argue Your Case in Court—if That’s What It Takes to Get You Paid.

Most motorcycle accident cases settle...but not all of them. Sometimes, an experienced lawyer will advise you that the best course of action is to reject any settlement money the other side puts on the table, and instead to take your case to trial in front of a judge and jury. Your lawyer should not shy away from going to trial; if anything, your lawyer should welcome the opportunity to make your case in court.

Always look for a motorcycle accident injury lawyer who has years of experience in the courtroom and the ability to talk about a case in a way that can convince a jury that you deserve to receive every dollar of compensation the law allows.

Contact a Skilled Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today.

A motorcycle accident can inflict injuries and losses that upend your life, relationships, and finances. In the difficult days and weeks after an accident, you need a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer on your side who can protect your rights and take the necessary steps to get you the compensation you deserve.


The sooner you contact a skilled, experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, the better your chances of receiving payment for your injuries and losses. Do not wait. Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer today.