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Helping athletes injured by the negligence of others

Every athlete knows that playing sports comes with the risk of injuries. Strains, sprains, fractures, and other similar injuries commonly occur during practices or games, often without warning and for no discernible reason. These types of injuries are usually no one’s fault and are an inherent part of actively playing sports.

However, in certain situations, athletes may suffer injuries that are caused or exacerbated by another party. When this occurs, the injury may lead to a legal claim against whoever was responsible to allow the victim to recover for their losses. If you have suffered a sports injury and you believe someone else was at fault, call Ft. Lauderdale sports injury lawyer Gabriel Levin for help today.

When can you recover for a sports injury?

Though you do not have the legal right to recover for injuries that occur naturally in sports, you can recover for any injuries caused by the negligence of another party. There are many different types of negligent acts that may lead to actionable sports injuries, including the following:

  • Coaches pushing athletes—especially young athletes—to practice or play beyond their skill level, training, or ability.
  • Coaches or leagues encouraging unnecessarily rough play or fighting during play.
  • Failure to provide adequate medical attention or evaluations to athletes who may be injured, thereby worsening the injury.
  • Pushing an athlete to return to play when the possibility exists that they have suffered a traumatic brain injury or another type of injury.
  • Another player intentionally inflicting harm during play.
  • Defective sports equipment, especially helmets or other protective gear that does not provide adequate protection.
  • Hazards or dangerous conditions on the playing field due to lack of proper inspection or maintenance.

Additionally, if you regularly train in a gym with  machines or with other equipment, you run the risk of injury due to dangerous hazards in the training facilities. Machines that are not properly inspected, maintained, or replaced when necessary may malfunction and cause serious injury. Televisions in gyms have been known to fall and injure individuals who are working out below. There is also the risk of slip and fall accidents in training facilities, especially if athletes are perspiring. These same hazards exist for non-athletes working out in other types of fitness centers or gyms.

Discuss your case with an experienced Fort Lauderdale sports injury lawyer today

While not all sports-related injuries may lead to a viable legal claim, in many cases injured athletes can recover. Athletes may not even recognize that their injury occurred due to negligence until they have an attorney with extensive personal injury experience evaluate their situation.

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