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As parents, we accept that our children may get hurt every so often. Scrapes, bumps, and bruises are part of growing up. Still, we live in fear that one day our children will suffer a far more serious injury, the type that threatens their future, growth, and happiness.

Sadly, serious child injuries happen from time to time in Atlantic City. Kids get seriously hurt playing on the beach and biking on the boardwalk. They suffer severe trauma in motor vehicle accidents on the Atlantic City Expressway. They fall victim to dog bites in the backyards of Venice Park homes, and to fires in Ducktown apartment buildings.

Many child injuries in Atlantic City happen because of the poor decisions or dangerous actions of someone other than the child victim. Those injured children, and their parents, deserve compensation for the harm they have suffered. The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers’s Atlantic City child injury lawyers can help.

If your child has suffered a serious injury in a preventable accident in Atlantic City, contact us online or call (609) 250-2800 for a free consultation with a member of our team who can answer your questions and explain your rights.

Our Law Firm

Since 2005, the award-winning personal injury attorneys at The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers have committed themselves to securing compensation for injured clients. We fight every day to make sure that people who suffer harm because of someone else’s wrongdoing get paid the money they need to recover their health and rebuild their lives. We consider representing injured children and their parents to be one of the most important jobs we have as lawyers.

Over our years of practice, we have obtained millions of dollars in injury compensation for our clients. Just as importantly, we have achieved those successes while giving individualized attention to every injured individual who comes to us for help. Our former clients praise our professionalism, efficiency, and trustworthiness, as well as our willingness to offer a free consultation to anyone who wants to learn more about their rights after suffering injuries in a preventable accident.

Atlantic City Child Injury Cases We Handle

Children can get hurt in Atlantic City in countless ways. At The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers, our attorneys possess the experience and resources to help injured children and their families secure compensation, no matter how an injury occurred. For example, we can help with child injuries caused by:

  • Motor vehicle accidents, which constitute a leading cause of fatal injuries in children ages 5 to 19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC);
  • Falls and other incidents due to dangerous conditions on Atlantic City properties, including school playgrounds and Boardwalk attractions;
  • Drownings and near-drownings at the beach or in hotel, school, public, and backyard swimming pools;
  • Poisonings and long-term toxic exposures to dangerous chemicals and materials (such as lead paint dust or mold) in Atlantic City homes and schools;
  • Building fires due to unsafe maintenance of Atlantic City properties;
  • Gunshot wounds due to violent crime or unsafe storage and handling of firearms;
  • Animal attacks, especially by vicious dogs;
  • On-court/field collisions while playing sports;
  • Physical or sexual abuse perpetrated or facilitated by adult guardians, teachers, or supervisors; and
  • Medical malpractice that harms infants during childbirth or leads to injuries or illness for older children.

This is not a complete list, however. No matter how a child gets hurt in Atlantic City, the experienced personal injury lawyers at The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers are prepared to investigate, evaluate, and litigate the case to secure full, fair compensation.

Common Child Injuries

The types of accidents and incidents listed above can result in a wide array of severe and costly injuries to children. Our team has the know-how to help children and their families recover financial compensation for virtually any of them, including:

  • Spinal cord injuries that leave children paralyzed and facing a lifetime of disability and expense;
  • Traumatic and non-traumatic brain injuries, including concussions that cause lasting symptoms, and injuries that leave children in a coma or with severe impairments;
  • Illnesses and developmental deficits resulting from acute and long-term poisonings or toxic exposures;
  • Broken bones and orthopedic injuries that cause pain and, unless properly and carefully treated, could leave children with lasting disabilities;
  • Lacerations and puncture wounds, such as those inflicted by falls, car accidents, or dog bites, that cause scarring, blood loss, and potentially deadly infection;
  • Burns that cause agonizing pain, require long-term hospitalization, and leave behind disfiguring scars that take a devastating physical and emotional toll.

As above, this is only a partial list of the types of harm that can befall children in Atlantic City through no fault of their own. Any child injury is a tragedy, and a preventable one even more so. That’s why the team at The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers works tirelessly to make sure injured children and their families get the compensation they deserve.

Atlantic City Child Injury Victims Have Rights to Compensation

New Jersey law is clear: anyone who harms a child by engaging in dangerous or wrongful conduct should pay compensation for injuries and losses suffered by the child and child’s family.

The skilled, diligent attorneys at The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers represent injured children in legal actions aimed at securing as much of that compensation as possible. Every child injury case we handle in Atlantic City gets personalized attention. We tailor our legal services to meet our clients’ unique needs and priorities, so that injured children can heal, adapt, and prosper.

Oftentimes, the path to securing maximum compensation for a child’s injuries runs through Atlantic City-area courts and insurance companies. At The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers, we frequently file lawsuits or pursue insurance claims on behalf of our child injury clients, seeking damages that may include payment for:

  • The medical costs for current and future treatment of a child’s injuries;
  • Other expenses the child and/or child’s parents have only because of the child’s injuries;
  • Wages the child’s parents lose while taking time away from work to care for the child;
  • Harm to the child’s future income and earning potential due to the injury; and
  • The pain and suffering the child endures, including the social and emotional challenges that child injury victims often face.

In addition, New Jersey laws permit Atlantic City courts to award punitive damages to child injury victims when the conduct resulting in the child’s injury was especially wrongful or intentional.

Frequently Asked Questions About Atlantic City Child Injury Cases

Parents of injured children in Atlantic City seek our help at The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers because they know their child should not have gotten hurt, and that someone should pay. In meeting with us for the first time in a free consultation, they often have long lists of questions about their rights.

Here are the answers to some common questions we hear from parents of injured children. For answers to specific questions about an injury your child suffered, contact us today to speak for free with an experienced legal professional from our team.

My child got hurt at school. Can I sue?

It’s possible. Contact us for a free consultation to tell us more about what happened.

In general, you have the right to sue for any injury your child suffered because of someone else’s unreasonably dangerous decisions or actions. It’s not unusual for children to suffer injuries in a school setting. After all, that’s where they spend a good part of their days.

Of course, not all school-related injuries justify a lawsuit. But some do, such as when:

  • A teacher physically or sexually abuses a student;
  • Teachers or administrators turn a blind eye to bullying or other harmful behavior by one student against another;
  • Coaches and supervisors do not take appropriate safety measures to keep student-athletes safe at practices or games; or
  • Spending time in a school building exposes children to dangerous levels of toxic substances or materials, such as lead paint dust or asbestos.

Be aware: you may need to act quickly to preserve your child’s rights to sue for injuries suffered in a school setting. If your child attends a public school in Atlantic City, for instance, you may need to give notice to the school of a potential claim within 90 days of the injury happening.

So, do not wait to speak with a lawyer if your child got hurt at school in Atlantic City. The child injury lawyers at The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers are standing by to give you a free consultation about your child’s case.

What is my child’s case worth in Atlantic City?

Generally speaking, the damages your child should receive will depend largely on the type of injuries your child suffered and the impact those injuries have had, and will continue to have, on your child’s life. The worse the injuries and the greater the impact, the higher the amount of money you may claim as compensation.

But, that’s only part of the equation. The value of your case also depends on your attorney being able to prove it through evidence and legal argument, and on the party you sue having the ability to pay you what you deserve. The most effective way to increase your odds of securing the maximum amount possible for your child’s injury is to hire a skilled, experienced child injury attorney to represent you and your child.

Will my child have to testify in court?

Atlantic City parents understandably worry about the stress and anxiety that suing for damages might cause for their child. The prospect of their child testifying in court, in particular, makes many parents wonder if suing is worth the trouble.

Here’s what we can say to address those fears:

  • First, most child injury cases settle out-of-court long before they see the inside of a courtroom. So, from the get-go, the chances of your child having to testify in court are already pretty low.
  • Second, Atlantic City courts and judges work very hard to protect children, especially children who have suffered physically and emotionally traumatic injuries. In the (unlikely) event your child must testify, you could reasonably expect the judge and court personnel to go out of their way to make the process as gentle and stress-free as possible for your child.
  • Third, the lawyers at The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers make it their mission to protect their clients’ interests, and if anything, we fight twice as hard when our client is a child. Parents of injured children we represent can always count on us to do everything within our power to keep their children safe from further harm. Always.

What does it cost to hire The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers to handle my child’s injury case?

It will not cost you a penny unless we get you and your child financial results.

First, as we’ve said, we offer a free consultation to anyone in Atlantic City who wants to learn about their rights to sue for a child’s injury. Even if you decide not to hire us to represent your child, we will never charge you anything for the time we spend answering your questions and exploring your options in a consultation.

Next, we handle child injury cases in Atlantic City on a contingent fee basis. You will only pay us a percentage of any funds we recover for you and your child. We do not charge you money upfront. We do not bill you by the hour. We only get paid if and when you get paid.

Did your child suffer injuries in a preventable accident or incident in Atlantic City? Do you have a gut feeling that someone could have, and should have, taken reasonable steps that would have kept your child safe from harm? If so, then the team at The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers wants to hear from you.

We have years of experience representing injured children and their parents in legal actions seeking compensation to help them heal, adapt, and return to living their lives. In a free consultation, we can answer the questions you have about your child’s rights to receive similar compensation.

To learn more,  contact us online or call our Atlantic City office at (609) 250-2800 to speak with a legal professional from our team.

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