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A slip and fall may not sound like an especially serious matter, but never discount one—slip and fall accidents can cause extremely serious injuries. If someone else’s negligence caused your slip and fall injury—such as on a property owner’s unexpectedly treacherous floor or walkway—you need experienced legal counsel.
If a slip and fall accident injured you, you know the distress, pain, and danger that can result. The skilled slip and fall attorneys at The Levin Firm have the experience, knowledge, and commitment to help you navigate your slip and fall claim toward full and fair compensation.

Common Causes Of Slips And Falls

People may associate slip and fall accidents with many sources:

  • Inclement weather that leaves walkways slippery, including rain, ice, and snow
  • Poorly maintained walkways and stairways
  • Unexpectedly slippery walkways and walking surfaces
  • Uneven sidewalks
  • Cluttered walkways, stairs, or floors
  • Poorly maintained carpets that pose tripping hazards

Most safety hazards that lead to slip and fall accidents are far less obvious than the old trope of a banana peel on the ground, which is why accident victims often don’t recognize the impending dangers.

Every slip and fall accident is unique, but several basic categories group these serious accidents and are worth taking a closer look at:

  • Weather Related Slip And Fall Accidents – In New Jersey, we experience a lot of weather that can lead to serious slips and falls. Black ice, for example, isn’t uncommon and is essentially undetectable, which can lead to serious injuries. Furthermore, ice and snow in general—when property owners do not properly deal with it—can cause dangerous walking conditions both outside and inside (when it collects inside doorways and in hallways and aisles). Rain can also contribute to dangerous walking conditions. Even something as innocuous as a few scattered leaves can become extremely slippery when wet.
  • Poorly Maintained Walkways – When you’re out and about, you need to engage with your surroundings in their entirety and not just with the ground on which you walk. Unfortunately, plenty of property owners don’t maintain their walkways as well as they should. Uneven pavement, debris, cracked sidewalks, loose paving stones, and deep holes can pose slip and fall dangers that unsuspecting victims never see coming.
  • Poorly Maintained Stairways – Poorly maintained stairs raise the stakes even higher—you have farther to fall and can hit steps on your way down. Inclement weather and cracked, uneven, slippery, and debris-riddled surfaces (for both outdoor and indoor stairways) exacerbate the danger.
  • Unexpectedly Slippery Walking Surfaces – When you expect a slippery walking surface, you take appropriate precautions to protect yourself from injuries. When you shop in a grocery store or walk down an empty sidewalk on a sunny day, you don’t usually anticipate slipping and falling. When you hit an unexpected slippery patch or run into debris that the property owner should have known about and taken care of (by clearing away the danger or by erecting a warning sign), serious slip and fall injuries can result.

New Jersey Slip And Falls—Where They Happen

While a slip and fall accident can take place wherever property owners don’t properly maintain entryways and walkways, some spots are especially conducive to these dangerous accidents:

  • Grocery stores are something of a slip and fall petri dish with their spilled liquids, squashed produce, scattered debris, and leaking refrigeration and freezer units. When you head out to your local grocery store for a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk, stay safe out there.
  • Retail stores can present similar dangers—merchandise often spills over into areas where it shouldn’t.
  • Schoolsfrom preschools to universities—can overflow with maintenance problems that can lead to serious slips and falls. Furthermore, public schools have legal protections in place that private schools do not, which can make bringing a successful slip and fall claim more difficult.
  • Restaurants can also teem with situations that lead to slip and fall accidents. Spilled drinks, spattered grease, and wet bathroom floors are but a few culprits.
  • Parking lots are common locations for slip and fall injuries, and the property owner’s responsibilities don’t end when you leave the business and head for your car. Inclement weather, poor maintenance, and debris can all contribute to such accidents

Your New Jersey Slip And Fall Claim

If a slip and fall accident injured you in New Jersey, first seek immediate medical attention, then consult with an experienced slip and fall lawyer. While every claim is unique, several factors universally apply:

  • The statute of limitations for a slip and fall claim in New Jersey is two years, which means that you have only two years from the time of your accident to bring a claim.
  • Immediately after a slip and fall accident, however, is rarely the best time to calculate your total losses, which can compound with time.
  • Such losses can include medical expenses, lost wages, diminished earning potential, the expenses associated with changed plans, the pain and suffering precipitated by the accident, and much more.

An experienced slip and fall attorney will carefully examine each of these factors as they relate to your unique case and will help direct your claim in the direction that best serves you.

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Slip and fall accidents—despite their whimsical name—may cause extremely serious injuries. If such an accident injured you, you need experienced legal counsel. At The Levin Firm, our skilled slip and fall attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and commitment to aggressively advocate for your claim’s best possible resolution. We’re here to help, so please contact us online or call our legal team at (215) 825-5183 for a free consultation today.