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Assisting individuals hold airline liable for their injuries

Flying is widely considered to be the safest form of transportation. According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), more than 32,000 people died  in motor vehicle accidents in 2013 compared to only 443 fatalities related to flying. For this reason, when you head to the airport to board a plane, you should be able to trust that you will arrive at your destination safely and free from injury.

While it is true that airplane crashes and deaths are relatively rare, many other passengers suffer injury aboard an airplane that are not crash-related. For this reason, many personal injury cases may arise out of aviation-related accidents that are not crashes. If you have suffered any type of injury on a flight, do not hesitate to call Ft. Lauderdale aviation accident lawyer Gabriel Levin to discuss your case today.

Types of accidents related to airplanes

Flight injuries can occur while boarding an airplane, while in-flight, or while disembarking the airplane. The following are some examples of airplane-related injuries for which an airline may be held liable:

  • TurbulenceSerious injuries can occur if a passenger is standing during turbulence because a pilot failed to foresee turbulence and properly warn passengers to be seated with their safety belts to avoid injuries.
  • Malfunctioning overhead binsIf a bin malfunctions or a flight attendant fails to fully latch the bin, passengers can be injured by falling luggage.
  • Slip and fallsIf there is luggage, debris, or liquid spills left in the aisles, passengers can slip, trip, or fall and injure themselves.
  • Service cart impact injuriesService carts are very heavy and are often filled with ice, sodas, and other heavy items. If a cart rolls over a passenger’s foot or slams into an elbow, knee, or other body part, the impact can cause broken bones and other injuries.
  • Coffee burnsScalding burns from hot liquid can be extremely painful and serious. If a flight attendant does not take proper care when pouring or passing coffee or other hot liquids, passengers can be burned.

These are only some examples of injuries that may occur on airplanes for which victims may recover.

An experienced Fort Lauderdale aviation accident lawyer can help you recover

If you were taking a trip on an airplane and suffered injury due to the negligence of the airline, the staff, or any other party, you deserve to receive full and just compensation for all of your medical expenses, lost income, physical and emotional suffering, and more. Airlines are large corporations with legal teams in place who work to avoid liability, so you always want an attorney who has the experience and resources to take on this type of case. Gabriel Levin is a highly skilled aviation accident attorney who has the ability to successfully represent you in an aviation accident case.

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