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When you head to work each day, you probably don’t give workplace injuries a whole lot of thought. After all, you’ve been working for quite a while now, and you haven’t had any trouble so far. This is especially true if you have a desk job. How dangerous can it be? The fact is that workplace accidents and injuries happen – a lot. And not just in jobs that we traditionally consider dangerous, such as construction work (which is one of the most dangerous jobs out there). You spend a lot of hours at work, so no matter what it is that you do for a living, stay safe out there.

Equal Opportunity Accidents

We spend a lot of time at work, and as such there are specific conditions that we all face:

  • Distractions – If you work, you experienced distractions. After all, you work around other people, ringing phones, a barrage of emails, and/or whatever else your work entails.
  • Rushing around – Few of us find that we have plenty of time at work to get everything that we need to accomplish finished without doing some rushing around.
  • Fatigue – The fact is that, while we all work hard, we also have lives outside of work that demand a great deal from us, and that means that we’re sometimes fatigued on the job.

In fact, the workplace – regardless of if it’s an assembly line or a regular office job – is closely associated with accidents. Factors such as long work weeks, overtime hours, working in conditions that are less than ideal, and working under competing priorities are all part of the modern workplace conundrum and they contribute to workplace accidents.

If you’ve suffered an injury in a workplace accident, it’s important to understand that – while it may be the path of least resistance – simply accepting the insurance company’s settlement offer is rarely in your best interest. Yes, you’re covered by worker’s compensation, but that doesn’t mean that your just compensation is the insurance company’s top priority. At The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, we know just how difficult such injuries can be, and our dedicated worker’s comp lawyers are here to fight for your rights and for your claim’s best possible resolution.

Construction Work And Common Injuries

Because construction work is one of the most dangerous jobs going, it’s a good idea to consider the accidents and injuries that are common to this profession:

Being Hit by a Falling Object

Construction sites are bustling places with lots of work going on that includes lots of moving parts – some of which are at elevations. When something heavy – or even moderately heavy – falls from above, it can be extremely dangerous. It’s imperative that job sites remain vigilant to securing objects, to safely stacking objects, to carefully following all safety protocols, and to designating hardhat zones.

Falling from an Elevation

All falls are dangerous, but falls from elevations are exceedingly so. It’s a fact of construction work that a lot of the work happens at elevations – on tall machinery and on roofs, scaffolding, and ladders. Ongoing safety training and education, effective safety gear, and reasonable work schedules (including appropriate breaks) are all essential to minimizing these often-deadly accidents.

Getting Caught in or between Large Objects

Getting caught in or between giant pieces of machinery – or anything else – is especially terrifying and dangerous. Construction sights are rife with giant machines, heavy equipment, and massive piles of building materials. When a construction worker gets caught in equipment or between two massive structures (of any kind) it is exceedingly dangerous and traumatizing. OSHA reports that over seven percent of fatalities on construction sites are caused by these caught-in-betweens. Ongoing safety training that relates to construction-site machinery is necessary for maintaining safer construction sites.

Being Electrocuted

Accidents involving electricity are especially dangerous and are closely associated with construction work, which by necessity, involves myriad electrical components. When appropriate safety mechanisms aren’t properly implemented, construction workers are vulnerable to deadly accidents involving electricity.

Injuries Common to the Workplace in General

While construction work is especially dangerous and prone to highly specific accidents, there are some injuries that are common to every kind of employment. These might include:

Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents are equal opportunity accidents – they can happen anywhere. These often-dangerous accidents are typically caused by unsafe conditions that are ignored or overlooked. These can include slippery walkways; cracked, uneven, or broken walkways; debris in walkways, wet and slippery patches on flooring; flooring that is polished to a slippery sheen; and any number of other dangerous conditions. Careful, consistent, and closely observed maintenance policies can help reduce these very common accidents.

Injured by Overexertion

Among the most common and costliest injuries on the job are overexertion injuries, which are typically caused by job duties that require pushing, pulling, carrying, throwing, lifting, or holding heavy or awkward items. When this work is highly repetitive, overexertion injuries become even more likely. Effective safety gear, ergonomic equipment, and ongoing training related to safe lifting practices can all help decrease overexertion injuries.

Injured by Repetitive Motion

Repetitive motion injuries are caused by work that demands the same motion over and over. While these injuries are frequently associated with working on an assembly line, even long hours in front of a computer will suffice. Ergonomic equipment and devices – along with maintaining healthy posture at work – can help to stave off this painful and often-costly condition.

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