Holding Drunk Drivers Responsible for your Injuries


Every driver should be fully aware of the serious dangers of driving while under the influence (DUI) of alcohol. Under Pennsylvania law, [1] a driver can be convicted of impaired driving if their blood alcohol content (BAC) was over 0.08 percent. If their BAC was over the legal limit, the driver will likely be arrested and charged with the criminal offense of DUI. A criminal conviction, however, often does not adequately compensate any victims who sustained injuries due to a drunk driving accident. Instead, an injured victim

Common Injuries In Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving accidents can be severe because impaired drivers often drive the wrong way on the road, stray from their correct lane, or completely lose control of their vehicle. This often leads to severe head-on collisions, which can occur while both vehicles are moving at high speeds. As you can imagine, this type of accident has the potential to cause serious and even fatal injuries, including the following:

  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI)[2] – TBI is one of the most common injuries in drunk driving accidents. TBI can range from a concussion that may heal in a few weeks to debilitating brain damage, including life-threatening swelling or bleeding of the brain. TBI can have many different types of symptoms for victims ranging from mild confusion or headaches to severe physical and cognitive difficulties. TBI victims may often not be able to return to work or school or even participate in everyday activities for some time while they recover. Other TBI victims are left with permanent disabilities.
  • Broken bones – A break or fracture in a bone is often considered to be a relatively minor injury. However, some broken bones resulting from drunk driving accidents can be significantly more serious. Due to an impact of a collision, a bone may be broken in several places, shattered, or even crushed. Victims of severely broken bones generally require surgery and sometimes multiple procedures to repair the damage. In other more tragic cases, it may not be possible to repair a bone and an amputation may be necessary. As you can imagine, amputation can significantly limit an individual’s ability to work or even care for themselves.
  • Spinal cord injuries (SCI) – Damage to the spinal cord is also common in serious auto accidents such as drunk driving accidents. Spinal cord damage can cause issues with movement, sensation, and can even cause complete paralysis below the point of the injury. The extent of the permanent damage will depend on the severity of the damage to the spinal cord and surrounding nerves. However, almost everyone who sustains spinal cord damage will require hospitalization to stabilize the injury and monitor the victim for complications. Long-term prognosis can vary widely from case to case.
  • Burns– In some serious collisions, fires or even explosions may result that cause accident victims to suffer painful burn injuries. Burns can also be sustained if an individual is ejected from the vehicle and friction occurs with the road. Burn victims often require extensive treatment including surgeries or skin grafts. Even for victims with less severe burns, the risk for infections is high with this type of injury and they may require hospitalization until their burns have healed.

The above are only some examples of serious injuries from drunk driving accidents. A criminal case is often not enough to hold the drunk driver fully liable for your injuries and, in many situations, you will want to pursue a legal claim in civil court against the drunk driver. Anyone who has suffered any type of injury in a drunk driving accident should speak with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible who understands how to pursue this type of claim.

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