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You naturally spend a lot of time at work, and accidents are bound to occasionally happen. Whether you work behind a desk, on the assembly line, or with heavy construction equipment, there are risks inherent to every occupation. While some occupations are obviously more dangerous than others, it’s important to always make safety your top priority on the job.

Accidents Happen

You put a lot of your day in at work, and because you’re a human being, you’re prone to the distractions, rushing, and fatigue that we all are. Each of these elements can play a critical role in accidents on the job. In fact, workplaces – whether they’re construction sites or high-rise office buildings – are closely associated with accidents. Long work hours, overtime, working conditions that are often less than ideal, and competing priorities are all part and parcel of modern jobs and they all contribute to increased accident rates. Fostering safer workplace practices and better working conditions are elemental to decreasing injuries on the job.

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury, you need an experienced Buck’s County, Pennsylvania, worker’s compensation attorney. These claims are often complicated, and your just compensation is far too important to leave to the insurance company’s discretion. At The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers, we know how difficult workplace injuries can be, and we’re committed to helping you fully recover on your damages.

Common Workplace Injuries

While nearly any kind of accident can happen at any workplace, there are several accident types that are common to the workplace:

Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, and they’re often caused by unsafe conditions that go unchecked. Such conditions can include debris in walkways; worn, frayed, torn, rumpled, or uneven floor coverings; puddled water; highly polished and slippery surfaces; and many other factors. Maintaining careful, routine grounds checks that identify, that rectify, and that warn employees about such conditions is critical to keeping the workplace safe for everyone.

Overexertion Injuries

Overexertion injuries on the job are among the most common workplace injuries – and among the costliest. They are usually caused by work that involves pushing, pulling, carrying, lifting, throwing, or holding awkward or heavy object. When such work is repetitive, it is even more likely to cause overexertion injuries. Ergonomic equipment, effective safety gear, and proper safety training related to lifting practices can all help diminish the occurrence of overexertion injuries.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries are injuries that develop over time with work that requires employees to engage in the same motions over-and-over again throughout the day. While such injuries are common to assembly line work, they can also be caused by work as innocuous as long hours in front of a computer. Incorporating ergonomic office furniture, implementing adaptive typing and assembly devices, maintaining a healthy posture while working, and promoting healthy habits in the workplace can all help to ward off these insidious injuries – that are often both painful and costly.

Falling Objects

Being hit by a falling object can result in a very serious injury. Such injuries are most common on construction sites and in industrial jobs. Vigilance related to securing objects, stacking objects safely, and following safety protocols – along with designated hardhat zones – can help mitigate the dangers of falling objects.

Falls From Elevations

Falls are dangerous, and falls from elevations are more so. Such accidents often occur in occupations that incorporate tall machinery and working on roofs, ladders, or scaffolding – such as construction work and some factory work. Ensuring that safety training and education is ongoing and effective, providing appropriate safety gear, and not pushing employees to work past the point of safety are crucial strategies for reducing the numbers of these extremely dangerous accidents.

Accidents That Involve Machines

Accidents that involve machines are often exceedingly dangerous. This is just as true of office machines as it is of the heavy machinery at construction sites, and such accidents aren’t uncommon. Educating employees about machine safety and their safe operation, implementing regular safety checks, and ensuring ongoing and consistent maintenance is imperative for reducing the number of these accidents on the job.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

If your work involves driving, a motor vehicle accident can be a workplace injury. Motor vehicle accidents are always dangerous, and ongoing safety training is important to decrease their numbers.

Injuries Specific To Construction Work

Because construction work is so closely associated with workplace injuries and because such injuries are some of the deadliest out there, it’s important to take a closer look at the types of injuries that are specific to construction work:

Becoming Caught In Or Between Large Objects

It’s a given – construction work is dangerous work. Construction sites are all about giant machinery; huge, heavy, and unwieldy equipment; and massive groupings of building materials. If a construction worker gets caught in between two massive objects, the situation can quickly become dire. OSHA reports that these caught-in-betweens account for more than seven percent of all construction-site fatalities. When construction companies fail to scrupulously maintain safe working conditions – including ongoing safety training – related to their large and heavy machinery, they endanger their employees.


By necessity, construction sites are rife with electricity in a variety of forms, including electrical equipment, electrical components, and wiring connections, and this makes construction sites susceptible to electrocution accidents. When construction sites don’t implement adequate safety checks and balances related to electricity, deadly accidents can ensue.

Construction work is dangerous, and caught-in-betweens and electrocutions are especially egregious accidents that are closely associated with such work.

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