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If you’ve suffered a brain injury in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, it’s exceedingly difficult. Such injuries, after all, affect the very part of yourself that makes you uniquely you. Most brain injuries caused in accidents are traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), and as their name implies, they’re caused by trauma to the brain – such as by a blow to the head or by the violent shaking of the head. The fact that traumatic brain injuries don’t always manifest with symptoms at the time of the injury-causing accident can further exacerbate the seriousness of these injuries (which naturally have the best prognosis when they’re discovered and treated early).

What Causes Brain Injuries?

Nearly any kind of accident can lead to a traumatic brain injury, but the Mayo Clinic shares those accidents that are most closely related to these injuries:

Slip And Falls

Slip and fall accidents are among the most common accidents out there, and these accidents can leave you susceptible to traumatic brain injuries. While most of us consider slipping and falling as further indication of our own clumsiness, such accidents are often caused by the negligence of property owners. Because they are closely associated with serious injuries such as TBIs – especially for the very young and the elderly – slip and falls accidents should never be discounted or minimized.

School Sports Accidents

If your children are active in school sports – especially high-impact sports like football and wrestling – they are more prone to enduring blows to the head that can cause TBIs, including concussions. Recently, national media has brought a good deal of attention to the harmful potential such sports cause many young athletes (as well as adult athletes) to be subjected.

Car Accidents

TBIs are common to car, truck, bike, motorcycle, and pedestrian/vehicle accidents. Such accidents create prime conditions for inducing traumatic brain injuries. In fact, such an accident doesn’t even have to occur at high speeds or to be especially serious to result in a traumatic brain injury.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you need skilled legal counsel. These claims are often complicated, but your rights and your rightful compensation matter too much to leave to chance – or to the insurance company’s discretion. At The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, we appreciate how difficult these injuries can be, and our dedicated personal injury attorneys are here to help guide your accident claim toward its most positive resolution.

Traumatic Brain Injuries: A Journey

Every TBI is utterly unique – and utterly unpredictable. If you’ve suffered a significant TBI, the protracted recovery process is certain to be a journey. Because your brain is your body’s command central, even small changes to its functioning can have dramatic and overarching effects. Such injuries come complete with extensive physical, financial, and emotional consequences that can continue to haunt you throughout your life. In fact, it’s safe to say that the negative effects of a TBI are difficult to overstate.

Traumatic Brain Injuries: The Stats

TBIs can run the gamut from relatively minor to life-threatening. This degree of variation can have a minimizing effect on the statistics related to these injuries. Nevertheless, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shares several significant and telling statistics:

  • Nearly 30 percent of injury-related fatalities in the United States involve traumatic brain injuries;
  • About 1.7 million American’s experience TBIs each year, and of these, about 52,000 die while 275,000 are hospitalized;
  • Those most likely to suffer TBIs are 4 years old and younger, between the ages of 15 and 19, and over the age of 65;
  • Across all ages, men and boys are most likely to be afflicted with TBIs; and
  • Overall, boys who are 4 years old and younger are most likely to suffer TBIs that cause them to visit the ER, to be hospitalized, or to be killed.

Traumatic brain injuries are not uncommon, and they can result in very serious consequences.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Your brain is your body’s highly calibrated messaging center, and even minor tweaks to its functioning can lead to serious and highly unpredictable physical symptoms that are often ongoing. Traumatic brain injuries follow no preset trajectory, but they’re often associated with altered mental functioning; diminished sensory perceptions, which can affect your hearing and your sense of smell; and decreased language abilities. All these changes are directly related to those qualities that play an integral role in what it is that makes you uniquely you. Other effects are often present as well. For example, sometimes, serious traumatic brain injuries lead to seizures, which can become chronic.

Emotional Effects

Traumatic brain injuries, because they affect the brain, are very closely tied to overarching emotional and psychological consequences, which many victims consider to be the most troubling aspects of these injuries. Many TBI sufferers go so far as to describe their injuries as altering their very sense of self or even of diminishing their sense of self. With emotional consequences of this depth, it’s not difficult to recognize how significantly such injuries can be to endure and to attempt to overcome.

Further, many sufferers experience instability of mood, bursts of aggression, and altered personalities. These alterations of self are not only difficult for the victim but also for the victim’s loved ones, family, and friends – just when the TBI sufferer most needs their support. All told, the cascading negative consequences of traumatic brain injuries can be close to insurmountable and are exorbitantly expensive.

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If you’ve suffered a brain injury in an accident that was caused by the negligence of someone else, you need a skilled personal injury lawyer. The effects of a brain injury are often profound, and the recovery process can be daunting. The experienced personal injury attorneys at The Levin Firm Personal Injury Lawyers in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, are committed to aggressively advocating for the compensation to which you are entitled. We’re here to help, so please contact or call us at 215.825.5183 today.

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