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July 13, 2017

Can Injuries Caused by Broken Sidewalks be a Reason to Sue?

Slip and Fall Lawyers in PA

You are walking down the sidewalk, minding your own business and all of a sudden fall over on the concrete. After getting up, you notice that your foot got caught in a crack in the sidewalk. Many people may get up and walk away from this event and casually write their injuries off as a product of their own clumsiness. This is not always true, however, the city or town may be responsible for those injuries sustained.

Slip and Fall Lawsuits

A “slip and fall” lawsuit is a type of personal injury lawsuit. The plaintiff who was injured as a result of a slip and fall sues the individual who was responsible for maintaining the grounds around the area in which the slip and fall incident occurred. Generally speaking, an individual who owns a property is responsible for maintaining the property in a way that makes is reasonable free and clear from any obstructions that can cause injury. For instance, a grocery store is generally required to keep its aisles free of any liquids that it is aware of. If the personnel cannot clean up the mess, then they must make a reasonable effort to put patrons on notice of the hazard.

Cracks on Sidewalks in Philadelphia

Philadelphia sees its fair share of pedestrians. The beautiful city is filled with culture and plenty of bars and restaurants to cater to any crowd. Accordingly, the sidewalks of Philadelphia see their fair share of abuse. The City of Brotherly Love does not always show love to its sidewalks, however.

Similar to a grocery store and its aisles, the city of Philadelphia (or any other city for that matter) is responsible for maintaining sidewalks such that the sidewalks are reasonably safe from hazards or other obstructions that can cause injury to pedestrians. Because it is not common practice to walk with one’s head always pointing down, the law protects citizens shifting the burden on the City to maintain its sidewalks accordingly. That being said, if a city fails to properly maintain a sidewalk and the failure to maintain the sidewalk ends up causing a pedestrian to fall and suffer harm, then the city may be liable for those damages suffered on the part of the pedestrian.

Procedural Hurdles

One cannot simply sue the city or local municipality without following the proper notice requirements under Pennsylvania law. In many jurisdictions, cities may have to be informed of the pending claim before being able to be sued in a court of law. It is important to reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney because he or she will be able to ensure that these procedural notice requirements are properly complied with. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in an individual’s claim being rejected or potentially time-barred by the statute of limitations.

Call Our Slip and Fall Lawyers in Philadelphia

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury as a result of a poorly maintained sidewalk, street, or premises, contact the experienced personal injury attorneys at The Levin Firm today to discuss your claim. Our offices are located in Philadelphia and we serve clients in all of the surrounding areas. We offer free initial consultations and will not take a case unless we think we can obtain a favorable judgment for our clients. Contact us today at 215-825-5183 to discuss your slip and fall claim.

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